• "Thank you so much to Bells n Blooms for organising our dream wedding! Izy was great at coordinating everything and our wedding was planned perfectly. The setup of was stunning and was even more spectacular than I had imagined. We couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out and our wedding was real dream come true. Thanks so much to Izy and her team!"

  • "The whole team are amazing! Video, photography and creative personal touch to your magic day! I highly recommend Bells and blooms to anyone that is planning a wedding!"

  • "you made it a PERFECT day miss izy!!! it was absolutely unbelievable!!! thanks to you!"

  • "When planning a destination wedding, you never really know what to expect. But Izy and her team executed our wedding beyond my expectations! The entire day was incredible! I really liked how the team made everyone involved feel completely relaxed and made sure we were enjoying ourselves. Everything, from my bouquet to the dj to the photographers, was just perfect! I’ve watched our wedding video at least 100 times! It’s that good! Big thank you to Izy and her team for coordinating the best wedding I could ever imagine!"

  • "Somebody who loves what she do.a dedicated and caring person I would say. She is not just a wedding planner.She could be a very good friend.No words can described how she ate izy pleased me and my husband and the rest of my family with the magic she worked on our wedding day.Someone who is very passionate.Her enthusiasm is contagious.her expertise will impress you.Thanks to her and her wonderful team.. the final wedding presentation was beyond what we hoped for."

  • "first of all...my english is not so good..so please correct if I had wrong sentence or vocabulary...thanks!! It's been six years since we had great experience of wedding shot in Boracay.That was pleasant.I still remember everything there and recall most of time,include how nice and enthusiastic Izy is,Jingco of course.Despite culture difference(cause we have lots staff of wedding shot to do in Taiwan),my husband and I truely enjoyed the wedding shot with a great team.Nice and elegant wedding gown and traditional colthes of man.Perfect and nature make-up,not too heavy.Mu husband was very nervous during shot,they always had way to make him laugh and relax.The outside place of wedding shot was extremely beautiful and fantastic,just like a secret garden. Although the weather was not so good,Jingco and Izy had way to make scene better.I would never forget this experience and I always dream about coming back to Boracay one day to see you guys!!"

  • "I was in Boracay with my family in December 2009. We were walking by D'Mall and my sister grabbed a card of B&B and gave and it to me and said, here, in case you decide to get married here.

    We spent 6 days in this beautiful island and one night, walking back to our hotel, my boyfriend and I decided to get married in Boracay instead of Las Vegas as planned.

    I contacted B&B as soon as I got back to Spain and another wedding organizer. Someway, somehow, I decided for B&B as I had a really strong feeling about them, don't ask me why.

    It was 2 years of hard planning. Emails, phone calls. Early morning and late evening chats on Facebook because of the time difference. Pictures, menus, bouquets permits. Everything that a wedding consists of. When I say “hard planning” that goes for me as I am a very undecided person. For you to have an idea, 2 weeks before the wedding, I changed the colour and theme of my wedding. I never got a negative answer from B&B. Actually what Izy said was “IF IT IS DOABLE, WE WILL DO IT”. Wow!!!!!!!

    As my budget was not too large, Izy helped me plan a perfect wedding with our budget. That means cutting of in some things without making it less perfect than the others. Now, only a professional can do that.

    During those 2 years of planning, my feeelings for Iz grew more and more and I was so confident that everything was gonna be ok. That's how she made me feel from day one. Our relationship was not just as a wedding planner and a couple who was getting married. It was something very special  that I myself can not explain.

    We arrived to Boracay in December 2011  We were 46 in total. A few of my guests who stayed behind in Kuala Lumpur, missed their plane so at 7 am I got a phone call from them saying they needed new tickets to fly from Manila to Boracay. With no doubt, I called Iz and surprisingly, she was expecting my call as she felt there was something going on. Spooky!!! She rushed to our hotel and she helped me buy the tickets by calling her contacts. She drove me to the bank and did everything she could and even more than she is suppose to do as a wedding planner.

    A few days before the wedding, we met Pastor Joven who is such a lovely person. After having a chat with him, I don't remember how and why, he mentioned about this Community who were going to receive Christmas gifts for the first time in their lives and that touched me so much. Then he mentioned that his next mission was to bring water to this community. Water! You mean they have no water? That broke my heart. Right there and then I asked Pastor Joven how much was needed to do this. When he told me the cost, I could not believe it. I thought to myself,  I want to pay for it. I need to pay for it. So I told Pastor Joven, I will take care of it. I have been waiting all my life to do something like this and now is the right time. We went to see this Community, me, my boyfriend and of course, Iz accompanied us. I cried and cried and cried. All this money spent for our wedding trip and then you see this people that has less than nothing and yet so happy. It makes you see life in a different way. During our wedding party, I told our guests about this Community and asked them to instead of pinning money which is a tradition in Filipino weddings, we preffered they made a donation for this community. They all did! Each and every one of them gave their part to help this community. 

    ESTACIO UNO was were we held the wedding. Well, what can I say? 

    Starting from the make up artist,  hairdresser, photographers, hotel and B&B's family and staff,  were all so helpful and made you feel like a star. The musicians and Fire Dancers, were fabulous!

    The beautiful setup was breathless. Tiki torches, candles, floral arrangements, isle with flowers and petals, cake & table decoration with cake net. No detail was missed.

    The buffet was delicious and service was all perfect, even better than we ever could have imagined. B&B's special touch managed to provide just the right balance which resulted in an elegant and fun party.

    The wedding ceremony was something new for Pastor Joven as he had to speak a few words in Spanish as my husband is a Spaniard. He did really well.

    All my guests were dressed in white. The weather was perfect. The sunset was awesome. The ceremony was so special that all of my guests were in tears. Men included.

    Absolutely everything was done to perfection and 2 years after I still hear raves and raves from my friends. 

    Choosing Bells & Blooms as my wedding organizer was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Why? Simply because they are so professional and accommodating in every way. 

    There are no words to express what you have done for us. We can not thank you enough for you have given us the most wonderful and memorable day of our lives.

    My friends all said it was “a perfect wedding”.

    We love you all and will never forget your kindness and extraordinary expertise.

    God bless."

  • "The result of all the planning until the execusions on our wedding day were perfect.  I still remember we arrived in boracay  6days before our wedding, the weather was fantastic, blue skies, lovely sunset, just perfect for the summer season but on the day of our wedding the rain came. Less than 2hrs before the scheduled ceremony ate Izy talked to me and said not to worry about the rain because it will stop soon and trust the Lord. Then i answered 'yes ate, i trust Him with all my heart and i know He will allow my dream wedding to happen'. And TRUE, my husband and I had our unforgettable garden wedding and blessed to have a nice sunset after the rain. Ate Izy's team have done their job very well and everything we wished for were carried out.We felt the sincerity and professionalism of their services. Our guests,  especially our families  were taken cared of, they were very happy! Thank you loads and loads Bells and Blooms team for making our wedding super special and memorable! Cheers!"


  • "Boracay Belles and Blooms helped me achieve my dream wedding. I had some "mishaps" 2 weeks before the big day and thank God for Izy she was able to help me and most importantly "calm" me down. Her way of working is "God -Centered" and it immensely made a difference with everything....I highly recommend her... you do not only get 5 star service but also you gain a good friend."

  • "Thank you so much to Bells n Blooms for organising our dream wedding! Izy was great at coordinating everything and our wedding was planned perfectly. The setup of was stunning and was even more spectacular than I had imagined. We couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out and our wedding was real dream come true. Thanks so much to Izy and her team!"