• "Thanks too Bell's n Blooms, we have the wedding of our dreams. The ceremony was wonderful and the wedding set-up was amazing! You helped us with everything, we colud just relax and enjoy the wonderful day, the best day in our life. The amazing pictures and wedding movie help us to remember the day for the rest of our lives. We wouldn't change anything if we could"

  • "We planned our wedding on June 25, 2008 in the middle of typhoon/raining season. 5 days before the wedding Typhoon "Frank" hit Panay leaving flooded towns and fallen trees everywhere. There was a lack of eletricity and little communication with the outside world, my husband to be was still in Hong Kong and we could not reach each other for several days. We had no idea if the wedding still could take place on the beach or even if we could have a wedding at all. But somehow Izy always kept faith that everything would fall in place at 17:00 on June 25. Counting the days, it was raining everyday, winds were blowing strongly and the sea was high (no beach!). Izy never took her eyes off of what had to be done. Even on the day it still rained, the wind was strong and it just didn't look like we could do it, but then slowly but surely the more of Izy's decorations took shape and came into place, the more the weather improved. Finally when she was done with the tables and decorations, the wind silenced, the sea became calm and the sun came out, as if Izy put the last pieces of a puzzle in place. We have been very impressed by Izy's creativity, strong will and faith to give us with best wedding we could wish for. Thanks again Izy and your crew for making this a very special and unforgetable day for us."