About Us

Bells n' Blooms Boracay Weddings is a "One Stop Wedding Shop" that gives all your primary needs for an Island Wedding Concept!

We are a family based in Boracay and we have been conceptualizing and providing wedding needs for more than a decade. We are here not only to create your dreams, but also to give you lasting memories because we put our PASSION into ACTION for the BEST!

Our Vision is Our Passion

Bells n’ Blooms Boracay Weddings -the first Wedding shop and Planner based in Boracay Island and in the province of Aklan.

We give you the latest trends, stress-free, simple but elegant Wedding. We provide various Wedding Packages that suit your needs. Bells n' Blooms Boracay Wedding is definitely a work of art!


It’s your big day, at last! This is the day you’ve waited for, the moment you’ve dreamed about.

Christ -Centered Wedding is A Celebration of God’s Love

There is, of course, nothing wrong with a well-planned wedding day; nor for that matter, with a reception and wedding celebration of large proportions – that is, if they fit into the proper context. This means that the wedding celebration needs to point to the reality of what is truly happening with this coming together as husband wife. 
It is actually a party to celebrate that God loves His people. The husband and wife express this divine love concretely– through words and deeds– as they live out their marital love over a lifetime. Their bond of love becomes the image and symbol of the covenant that unites God to His people. This is wonderful! It is wonder-filled.  And the need and desire to have a great wedding celebration is therefore appropriate and fitting.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to handle and see committed couples who will Honour God thru their  “vows”. 
To prioritize and focus on Christ-centered wedding begins with a Christ-centered heart  from the planning to their marriage.  

To focus on marriage than wedding.

During the planning :
Pre- marital counselling 
God will draw you and others closer to himself 
That He will drive the beauty of gospel truth deeper into your heart
That you will reflect his grace and love to others
That you will, by his grace, better understand your identity in Christ
That your marriage will begin at the foot of the cross, where you experience the freedom only found through Christ’s sacrificial love on your behalf

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make  Christ committed couples  who will continuously obey the law of God in all their  lives and understands that their  marriage is “ INSEPARABLE”.  And to be a godly parents to have a godly children to impact others. Be courageous enough to invest in this lifelong journey of work and effort – this thing called sacramental marriage
So let us help you plan – for a great wedding – as well as a great and fulfilling marriage.

Established in the early ’90′s, Bells n’ Blooms is proud to have catered to various successful weddings in the island and in nearby provinces in Aklan. We are not only limited to all sides of Aklan, but we also do weddings in Manila and in anywhere in the Philippines.


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